Safia Abdelhady

This is Safia Abdelhady Ghazala
Arabic and Qura’an teacher for non-native speakers since 2018
I have graduated in Ain Shams University, faculty of Arts, Arabic department.
Then I have memorized Qura’an, and joined Al Azhar Qera’at institute.
I have got Ijaza in Hafs and Sou’ba A’an A’aseam reading
And Ijaza in Warsh A’an Nafe’ea , and Qaloon A’an Nafe’ea reading
I have training about teaching Tajweed and Qa’eda Norania in English
I teached general Arabic and grammatical and Qura’an and Tajweed for many years to many students
I believe that patience, friendly style and kindness are best way to learning 🎀
whatever your level in Arabic or Qura’an
Whatever your age
If you interested about learning, I will be so happy to help you🤗

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