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We are always here to help you to learn Quran recitation and Arabic Language Online

With the comfort and safety of your home, teach your kids Qur’an and Arabic in the easiest way with the best, qualified and experienced teachers who are graduates of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.

We offer Quran recitation,Hifz,Tajweed, Islamic studies and Arabic language

Who we are?

Abrar Network is one of the best academies in the world teaching Quran, Arabic, Hifz,Tajweed rules and Islamic studies to people of  all ages, male and female (beginners and advanced levels) with the best, qualified and experienced teachers who have ijaza and are graduated from Al Azhar university who teach in the most enjoyable way suitable for kids of  small age (kinesthetic child)


With us your kids will learn to recite Quran correctly with tajweed , understand Quran easily and learn about Islam We can also help revert Muslims to learn more about Islam

Why us?

Our Courses

Islamic Studies

islamic studies

In this course students (adults and kids ) will learn more about their religion which include Aqidah, Serah, Hadith, Fiqh,Tafseer and more Islamic stories which is interesting and in an easy way
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How it Works?

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