Quran for beginners

learn Quran recitation and Hifz in the same class

We offer in this course Noor Al Bian, Al-Nourania and Fath-Alrahman and similars 

Course content and aims

 ( For people who didn’t study Arabic and Quran before, who don’t even know about Alphabet )  in this course students learn Alphabet ,Harakat,Sukoon and so on So they learn how to read words in Arabic ,join words together to read Arabic sentence 

Also they learn a very good background about tajweed 

So their reading for Quran will be with tajweed

Every class the students are made to practice so that they don’t lose their concentration 

Usual reports 

Study Books in this course are NoorElbian

Or Noorani Qaida or FathAlrahman

This course is most suitable for Elementary level