Islamic studies

In this course students (adults and kids ) will learn more about their religion which include Aqidah,Serah,Hadith ,Fiqh and Tafseer and more Islamic stories which is interesting and in an easy way 


this  is the meaning of creed 

Aqidah course To consolidate faith in God

It includes .belief of Allah (our God ) which called monotheism or Tawheed

.Belief in the prophets and messengers of Allah who we know and don’t know

. Belief in the holy books

.also angels like jebril and mekhaeel and all angels

And so on 


which mean deep understanding

 In this course students understand about their religion from worship and transactions you will learn and differentiate between Fard, Wajib,mubah,makroh and mustahab in Islamic law 

In Fiqh we have 4 scholars (Aemmah) Imam Abu Hanifa ,Malik,Shafei and Ahmad ibn Hanbal(Hanbali)


you will know about the prophet Muhammad peace be ubon him, his life, know about his deals with family, friends and all people ,work and  all things in the  life 


it is the prophet Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) sayings and traditions it covers

 – Hadis Qudsi حديث قدسى

 – Hadith Nawawi حديث نووى

 – Sahih muslim

 – Sahih Al Bukhari

 – Sunan ibn Majah

 – Sunan Al Tirmizi

 – Riyad Al Salihin 


In this course you know about the meaning of Ayat 

You know the purpose of surah ,general background about Surah, and reasons behind revelations