Ahmed Fathy

🌺In the name you Allah🌺
Salam alaikum .. I hope you’re very well.
I’m Ahmed from Egypt. I have Diploma from Faculty of Education, I am studying in Recitation institute in Al-Azahr Al-Sharif….
I’m a native Arabic speaker. I’m a teacher of the Holy Quarn,Tjweed , Islamic studies and Arabic language (Noor elbayan).
I have ijaz of Recitation ( assem, warsh, Qaloon ,and the rest of Recitation of the Holy Quran. I have ijaza for alot of books for Tajweed and Islamic.
I teach the recitation of Quarn in a correct way ,Explain a Tajweed from beginning to advanced level.
I can help your son recite the Holy Quarn alone by teach him Noor el-bayan.
I teach in my class Islamic simple ( hadith- sunha- how to worship Allah alone – paillrs of Islam an faith- story of the prophets) by the picture and videos.
I hope to see you🌸

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