Somaya Moustafa

Assalamo alaykom wa rahmato Allahi wa barakato, this is Somaya Moustafa
I am a native Arabic speaker,
I have a Bachelor degree from the college of computers and informatics at Cairo University.
I have got an ijaza in the narration of Hafs from Asem and another one in the narration of Shuba.
after spending 5 years of memorising the Quran and studying the Tajweed rules in Dar Aisha om-Almo’mneen institute in Egypt cooperated with Al-Azhar.

I have also studied Al-Motashbehat (similar verses in the Quran).
I have memorised Tajweed Motoon (poems) such as Tuhfatal Atfal, Al-Jazariyah and is currently memorising Ash-Shatebia.
I have a very good ability to teach the Quran and Tajweed to all ages and levels for Arabic and Non-Arabic speakers.

I am able to communicate well with my students and covey my messages in the easiest way. I enjoy teaching Tafseer and Tawjeed and am fond of correcting the Quran recitation and the Makharij of her students. I have been teaching the Holy Quran and Tajweed to Non-Arabic Muslims for about one year.

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